Goodbye tanks


So yesterday was an extremely productive day, the welding has continued and they have started to replate the areas of the boat. When we can tear ourselves away Michael and I are tackling the bilges. I am chipping, grinding and rust converting underneath the prop shaft in order to install our new packing gland to make a tight seal (this area was full of salt crystals before).

Michael has started to cut our grey and black water tanks out of the boat in order to get to the under side where it is rusty; we will then be replacing them with fiberglass ones. After putting it off for a long time as we believed that the tanks were full we decided to take the plunge and open them up, fortunately the grey water one was full off water due to drainage from the mast coming down into the tank and the black water was empty. Yay. Thank the good lord. Today we are priming the newly welded plug holes, and above the water line spots again to ensure a good seal before we leave. Then it is back to our bilges! And tight spots!












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